Please call the office during office hours.
Urgent messages only may be left and
appointments can be made through the
answering service outside of office hours:
Doctors and Hospital Staff: Dr. Coughlin is on call for his own patients and messages may be texted to him by clicking here. If there are any problems sending a text message, please contact his answering service at 519-256-3118.

Dr. Michael Coughlin

General Thoracic Surgery

600 Tecumseh Road East
Suite 344
Windsor, Ontario
Tel: 519-256-3118
Fax: 519-256-3110 (health care personnel only)

Office Hours:
Tuesday and Thursday
1:00PM to 6:00PM

Thoracic Clinic at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital Hours:
8:00PM to 12:00PM
Referrals by appointment only

Lung cancer referrals may be made through the Lung Diagnostic
Assessment Programme through the Windsor Regional Cancer Clinic.
Tel: 519-2535253 Ext. 58614
Fax: 519-255-8688
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